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Recently, the big Octoin conference in Pakistan was completed. Professional speakers, members of our team told future investors about the basics of blockchain and various crypto-currencies.

The conference was attended by a large number of people from various spheres. At the conference, a trader could meet with a businessman, and a miner with a start-up owner. Crypto-currencies are now interesting to everyone without exception.

Of course, the speakers also did not ignore our project - Octoin. Shayan Habib, our lecturer told in detail about the features and advantages of our platform, not forgetting to mention the convenient tools for trading, opportunities for mining and a fast p2p-exchange.

Despite the small experience in holding live conferences, the team from Pakistan did an excellent job and made the event interesting not only for professionals from the cryptosphere, but also for ordinary people. Many thanks to them for this!

Let's hope that our conferences and seminars will continue to have the same success and cause the same interest among the most diverse people.

And if you suddenly did not get to our meeting, we advise you to watch the video report on the link:


We look forward to all the next time!

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最近,在巴基斯坦完成大型Octoin会议。 专业的演讲者,我们团队的成员告诉未来的投资者对区块链的基本知识和各种隐匿的。

会议出席了很多人从不同的领域。 在会议上,交易员可能会见一个商人,一个矿工的初创企业所有者。 隐匿的现在有趣每个人都不例外。

当然,演讲者也没有忽视我们的项目——Octoin。 扎哈比卜,我们的讲师详细告诉我们平台的特点和优势,不忘记提及交易的便利工具,采矿和快速p2p-exchange的机会。

尽管小经验拿住会议、团队从巴基斯坦方面做出了卓越的成绩,事件有趣的从cryptosphere不仅为专业人士,但也为普通人。 非常感谢他们!





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