Bitstamp Launches Trading in Bitcoin Cash

Recently, Bitstamp was faced with a real boom of BCH trading on the market. For this reason, the cryptocurrency exchange announced that it is launching trades in BCH / USD, BCH / EUR and BCH / BTC pairs, which is scheduled for December.

Bitstamp customers will have more opportunities, which will attract new users and, as a result, increase the overall profit. Specialists note that such efforts will lead to increased confidence in the crypto-exchange market.

We would like to remind you that all Bitstamp users can already trade with Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin, in addition to Bitcoin. During its existence on the market, the company has strengthened its positions and proven competence in providing services.

Its stability and strong positions attracted the BitMEX exchange, which has been supporting futures contracts since November. Representatives of the Bitstamp crypto-exchange are not going to stop there and consider company's prospects to be quite optimistic. The company reaches new horizons, and the hard work of specialists confirms the professionalism of the entire staff of the exchange.

最近,Bitstamp面对一个真正的BCH交易市场的繁荣。 出于这个原因,cryptocurrency交易所宣布将推出在BCH /美元交易,BCH /和BCH / BTC对欧元,定于12月举行。

Bitstamp客户将有更多的机会,这将吸引新用户,因此,增加利润。 专家指出,这些努力将导致增加crypto-exchange市场信心。

我们想提醒你们,所有Bitstamp用户已经可以与波纹的贸易,Ethereum Litecoin,除了比特币。 在市场上它的存在,公司加强了其立场和证明能力提供服务。

它的稳定性和强势地位吸引了BitMEX交易所,去年11月以来一直支持期货合约。 的代表Bitstamp crypto-exchange不会就此止步,考虑公司的前景很乐观。 公司达到新的视野,努力工作的专家证实了全体职员的专业性的交流。


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