Work is in full swing!

Yesterday the second training webinar on our Octoin platform took place! This time we took into account all the mistakes, so everyone was able to participate: the room was big, there was enough space for everyone. And since more people came, we also increased the number of prize deposits!

The winners were 12 people, for a total of 1250 dollar. Congratulations!

These are the lucky ones:

uricanz@msn.com – 500 $
Gabbytrinity@yahoo.com – 100 $
silviacd1988@yahoo.com – 100 $
nirkamazon@gmail.com – 100 $
79028784321@ya.ru – 100 $
280761827@qq.com – 50 $
panenduid@gmail.com – 50 $
zulhilmiwafa@gmail.com – 50 $
nisimamzn@gmail.com – 50 $
webmaster_xicsl@me.com – 50 $
lereseau2b@gmail.com – 50 $
cathy66@yandex.com – 50 $

If you also want to participate in the draw of deposits, then be sure to come to the next webinar: it will be interesting and useful! We will look forward to you!

For those who could not get to the webinar - there is a video recording, we advise you to look!

Link: https://youtu.be/SGpDln8mPEo

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昨天第二次培训研讨会Octoin平台发生! 这一次,我们考虑了所有的错误,所以每个人都能参与:房间很大,对每个人来说都有足够的空间。 因为更多的人来了,我们的数量也增加了奖存款!

获奖者是12人,总共1250美元。 恭喜你!


uricanz@msn.com- 500美元
Gabbytrinity@yahoo.com- 100美元
silviacd1988@yahoo.com- 100美元
nirkamazon@gmail.com- 100美元
79028784321 @ya.ru- 100美元
280761827 @qq.com- 50美元
panenduid@gmail.com- 50美元
zulhilmiwafa@gmail.com- 50美元
nisimamzn@gmail.com- 50美元
webmaster_xicsl@me.com- 50美元
lereseau2b@gmail.com- 50美元
cathy66@yandex.com- 50美元

如果你也想参加抽签的存款,然后一定要到下一个研讨会:这将是有趣的和有用的! 我们将期待着你!



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