Ethereum.com Domain to Be Sold for $10 Million

The domain Ethereum.com was sold at the price of 2 million dollars in October of this year, is now offered for sale at 10 million.

As the editor-in-chief of the Domain Name Journal, Ron Jackson said, the hysteria around the cryptocurrency, is very similar to the Dotcom bubble in the 1995s and 2000s.

The largest package of domain names, in which the names of cryptocurrencies appear, belongs to Niko Yontsu, a long-term, professional investor in domain names. He claims that he is ready to sell more than 1,200 domain names for $2 million.

According to statistics, DNJ (Domain Name Journal) states that domains with the word "bitcoin" are being registered this year four times more often than in the previous one. Domains with the word "ETH" also began to be registered much more - about five times more often. "The number of domain names sold, associated with crypto-currencies, at a price of $1,000 or more, this year alone has exceeded a few hundred, while last year it barely gained dozens.

"The domain name cryptonews.com was sold for more than 50,000 dollars in early August, while the domain cryptobank.com sold in April, cost 125,000 dollars. The address bitcoincash.org was sold at a price exceeding 48,000 dollars, and the domain bitcoin.casino - for 28,000,” - noted Ron Jackson.

One of the recent high-profile transactions with crypto-domains is the sale of the domain name eth.com, which an unknown buyer bought from Sharjil Salem for $2 million. What is even more interesting is that the same domain was offered for sale for only 19,000 dollars last year.



最大的域名,包的名字cryptocurrencies出现,属于妮可Yontsu,域名的一个长期、专业投资者。 他声称他准备出售超过1200域名以200万美元的价格。

据统计,DNJ(域名日报)州域“比特币”这个词被今年注册的四倍。 域和“乙”这个词也开始注册——大约五倍多了。 “域名出售的数量,与隐匿的,价格为1000美元或更多,仅今年就有超过几百,而去年它几乎上涨了许多。

“域名cryptonews.com售价超过50000美元在8月初,而出售的域名cryptobank.com今年4月,花费125000美元。 地址bitcoincash.org出售价格超过48000美元,和域比特币。 赌场——28000年”——罗恩·杰克逊指出。

最近的高调与crypto-domains事务之一就是出售域名eth.com,一个未知的买家买了从Sharjil萨勒姆为200万美元。 更有趣的是,相同的域是出售去年仅为19000美元。


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