Nvidia: Video Cards for Mining Are Not the Main Direction


Representatives of Nvidia - the largest manufacturer of video cards - made a statement in which they confirmed that they will continue issuing cryptocurrency solutions for mining, but noting that this segment is not a priority for the company.

Nvidia published a report on the company's performance for the third quarter of this year. It was specially noted that the income received from the sale of products used mainly as a cryptocurrency miners was $ 70 million, which is twice less than the same figure for the previous quarter of this year ($150 million).

According to Nvidia Chief Financial Officer Colette Kress, this state of affairs occurred due to high volatility of cryptocurrency market. She also stressed that despite the great popularity of products for mining, the main niche of Nvidia is still the video game industry.

CEO and co-founder of Nvidia, Huang Jenxun, stated that there are other interesting development directions that have much more potential than mining - for example, unmanned vehicles, robotics and neural networks, which also require considerable computing resources. Perhaps, the scope of cryptocurrency segment will decrease significantly with time, but it is unlikely to disappear. Anyway, mining solutions will remain part of the company's interests," - he said.

As noted in the report on the company's website, the three-month reporting period, which ended on October 29, showed a profit of $ 2.64 billion. Compared to the same period last year, its revenue increased by 31.5%. Net profit increased by 54.6% and amounted to $ 838 million. That is, despite a slight decline in demand for video cards for mining, the company did not incur losses, and Nvidia's financial results even exceeded expectations.



英伟达发表了一份报告,该公司今年第三季度的表现。 特别指出的是,收入来自销售的产品主要用作cryptocurrency矿工为7000万美元,这是不到两次相同的图今年第一季度(1.5亿美元)。

据英伟达科莱特克雷斯首席财务官,这种状况发生由于cryptocurrency市场的高波动性。 她还强调,尽管产品挖掘的大受欢迎,Nvidia的主要市场仍然是视频游戏行业。

首席执行官兼联合创始人英伟达、黄Jenxun说还有其他有趣的发展方向有了更多比挖掘潜在的——例如,无人驾驶车辆、机器人技术和神经网络,这也需要大量的计算资源。 也许,cryptocurrency段会显著减少的范围随着时间的推移,但它不太可能消失。 无论如何,采矿方案仍将公司的利益的一部分,”,他说。

正如这份报告在该公司的网站上,三个月的报告期内,结束于10月29日,显示获利26.4亿美元。 与去年同期相比,其收入增加了31.5%。 净利润增加了54.6%,达到8.38亿美元。 ,尽管略有下降的需求挖掘视频卡,公司没有蒙受损失,Nvidia的财务结果甚至超出预期。


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