Bitfury Shows Interest in Kazakhstan Scientists’ Invention on Cooling Mining Farms

The manufacturer of Bitfury mining equipment expressed interest in the invention of the Kazakhstan scientific research institute "Energy Saving and Energy Efficient Technologies". The idea is to use heat pumps, collect excess heat from the mining farms, and use it for heating the living quarters, providing hot water etc.

Under normal conditions, the heat received from mining farms or mines is not enough for these purposes, but if you use a heat pump, everything changes. With a help of a heat pump, you can use a hundred liters of air with a temperature of ten degrees and get ten liters of air with a temperature of one hundred degrees (conditionally), this temperature will already be enough for domestic use. In addition to mining farms, the same method can be used to cool any other IT equipment such as servers.

"In the data centers or in mining farms, the technician consumes a lot of electricity, it is overheating and needs to be cooled a lot in order to avoid breakdowns and prolong the service life of equipment. It turns out that in addition to the costs of power for the operation of the equipment itself, you need to spend money on cooling. Our solution will allow the use of this excess heat with benefit. Warm air, which usually has a temperature of about 30-40 degrees, shall be collected, and the temperature shall be increased around 5-6 times, which this air will be ready for the use of domestic needs. Our technology will provide regions with free heating and hot water", - explained Berik Kaliyev, Director of Commercialization of Technologies of Research Institute.

"Now the data centers put air conditioners and ventilation, which hot air is just wasted, while it could be collected and used",- Kaliyev said.

According to the developers, the invention of scientists of the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute has already been recognized as the best project in the field of alternative and renewable energy.

At the moment, the institute is negotiating with representatives of Bitfury about the technology use.


Bitfury采矿设备制造商表示有兴趣的发明哈萨克斯坦科学研究所“节能和节能技术”。 这个想法是使用热泵,从采矿农场收集多余的热量,和用它来加热生活区,提供热水等。

在正常情况下,热量来自矿业农场或矿山为这些目的是不够的,但是如果你使用热泵,一切都变了。 使用热泵的帮助,您可以使用一百升的空气的温度10度,得到10升的空气温度为一百度(有条件),这个温度已经够供国内使用。 除了采矿农场,可以使用相同的方法来冷却其他设备如服务器。

“数据中心或挖掘农场,技术员要消耗大量的电能,这是需要冷却过热和很多为了避免故障,延长设备的使用寿命。 事实证明,除了成本的电力设备的操作,你需要把钱花在冷却。 我们的解决方案将允许使用这个多余的热量与效益。 热空气,通常的温度约为30 - 40度,应收集,和温度应增加5 - 6倍左右,这空气将准备使用国内的需求。 我们的技术将为区域提供免费供暖和热水”,——解释Berik语Kaliyev,商业化的技术研究所主任。





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