Dash Miner Bitmain D3 – New Equipment Arrivals!

Dear partners!

We would like to share great news with you - we are increasing the amount of mining equipment in order to raise our collective earnings.
In November, our team plans to receive the top Dash ASIC miners from the creator of the first ASIC - iBeLinK company.

Dash miner Bitmain D3 model is new on the market. Today it is the most productive DASH miner, the capacity thereof is about 15 GH/s!

With its help, we will provide the most profitable mining of DASH cryptocurrency. Very soon we will book the required quotas of DASH mining for our project - they will be strictly limited!

We are pleased that together with us you can earn even more, and your investments become more profitable.



Dash矿工Bitmain D3模型是新市场。 今天是最富有成效的矿工,其容量大约15 GH / s !

在它的帮助下,我们将提供最赚钱的破折号cryptocurrency矿业。 很快我们将书需要配额的破折号开采我们的项目,他们将严格限制!



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