Zcash Foundation Obtains Status as Charitable Organization


The press service of Zcash Foundation non-profit organization issued a statement that the company received the status as a charitable organization. According to Zcash Foundation representatives, the company is the first charitable foundation whose activities are aimed at increasing the convenience of Internet payments and creating an infrastructure that could fully ensure the privacy of user data.

In the official blog of the Zcash Foundation, it is said that the fund obtained the status 501 (c) (3), which frees it from some of the federal taxes within the jurisdiction of the United States. Under the laws on US taxes, organizations whose activities pursue religious, charitable, educational, literary or scientific purposes are subject to partial exemption from income taxation.

As the project also stated in its blog, the company will continue to engage in educational activities in the field of cryptocurrency technologies, as well as mechanisms to ensure online privacy and security of computer networks. Among other things, Zcash Foundation will support research on cryptographic and blockchain technologies, focusing on works related to the topic of zero-disclosure and cryptographic technologies related to this issue. The fund will also help to create a decentralized Zcash network as an open public infrastructure.


Zcash基金会的新闻服务非营利组织发表了一份声明,该公司收到了作为慈善组织。 根据Zcash基金会代表,该公司是第一个慈善基金会的活动旨在增加互联网的便利支付和创建一个基础设施,可以充分保证用户数据的隐私。

Zcash基金会的官方博客,据说,该基金获得501(c)(3)状态,从而使它的联邦税在美国管辖。 根据美国税收法律,组织的活动追求宗教、慈善、教育、文学或科学目的部分豁免所得税。

项目还在其博客上声明,该公司将继续从事教育活动cryptocurrency领域的技术,以及机制,确保计算机网络的在线隐私和安全。 除此之外,Zcash基金会将支持加密和区块链技术,研究专注于工作相关的话题zero-disclosure和加密技术与这个问题有关。 该基金还将有助于创建一个分散式Zcash网络作为一个开放的公共基础设施。


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