Bitfinex Exchange Blocks Accounts of U.S. Users

The Bitfinex exchange confirmed that the platform will block all U.S. users’ accounts on November 9 due to increased regulation of the cryptocurrency and ICO spheres in the U.S. In its latest blog post, Bitfinex, which has already banned American users from using their platform, notes that now U.S. citizens have to withdraw all tokens placed on the site.

"Clients from the United States of America are prohibited from receiving funding from other users on the Bitfinex peer-to-peer platform," the post said. "We also report that U.S. customers will no longer be able to use the Bitfinex platform starting from November 9, 2017.”

It will take some time for Bitfinex to exit the U.S. market, but from November 9 all operations, including trading, replenishment and withdrawal of funds, as well as provision of financing for margin trading, will be unavailable for the American users. U.S. holders of RRT (Recovery Right Tokens) will be able to sell them, starting from October 27. At the same time, the American users of the exchange will not be able to buy them.

Traders are surprised by such decision of the platform, but are grateful that the Bitfinex message has made the current situation clear to them.



“客户从美利坚合众国被禁止接受资金从其他用户Bitfinex对等的平台,”《华盛顿邮报》说。 “我们也报告说,美国消费者将不再能够使用Bitfinex平台从11月9日开始,2017。”

需要一些时间Bitfinex退出美国市场,但是从11月9日所有操作,包括交易、补给和撤回资金,以及保证金交易提供融资,将会为美国用户不可用。 美国RRT的持有者(恢复正确的令牌)将能够出售他们,从10月27日开始。 与此同时,美国的用户交流将无法购买。



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